First batch of speakers announced

Sibin Grašić – Developing WordPress plugins

I’ll be speaking about best ways to develop WordPress plugins, current state of WP plugin repo, and offer additional tips, tricks and share my experiences.

Twitter: @ETFovac

Emanuel Blagonić – How WordPress changed the face of Croatian politics


The basic idea of WordPress was to redefine online publishing with allowing anyone to easily publish their articles. More than 10 years later, we used WordPress as an open source publishing platform to build a website for one of the largest cities in Croatia.

I’ll tell you a story of how the city of Rijeka decided to go with open source software and how the people reacted to a fact that everything will be open sourced as well. One of the first large-scale “design in the open” projects in Croatia is defining standards for future web development. We’re discussing the web design process, sharing knowledge with the public and asking citizens to be a part of the redesign effort.

By delivering designs, HTML and CSS, WordPress theme and documents like Content Strategy and Accessibility Guidelines – we’re redefining how the public website should look like. And with the help of WordPress, we’re promoting the power of publishing and transparency.

Serbia and Croatia share similar transparency problems and we can only start to solve them if we step out from our comfort zone. And not only us, but the local governments as well. It can be done, though – if we invest in it – so we can make a better world for our children.

Twitter: @eblagonic


Luca Sartoni – Growth methodologies in a distributed environment


Testing activities are effective only under strict circumstances. When I started my adventure at Automattic, the welcome message was: “Welcome to the chaos”. This presentation narrates the journey we had to conduct to implement strict growth methodologies in a distributed environment.

Twitter: @lucasartoni


Ivan Bjelajac – The importance of being first


Why is innovation important for business and marketing?

It’s better to be first than it is to be better. It’s much easier to get into the mind first than to try to penetrate an existing market.

If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category, you can be first in.

The story of ManageWP and other products that created their own markets.

Twitter: @ivanbjelajac