Final batch of speakers announced

Marko Heijnen – My contributor story


Marko is a long term WordPress contributor from the Netherlands. He uses WordPress since 2006 and started contributing back to it in 2009. For more then two years he was the lead developer of GlotPress. After years of freelancing he now works for Plesk and has it’s own agency called CodeKitchen B.V.


Milos Marceta – case study


Milos is an old school guy who showed passion for computers and programming since the age of 6. After years of experience with many different programming languages and concepts (from x86, SPARC and Alpha assembly, Linux kernel module programming, ELF reverse engineering, C to web and bytecode languages) he got experience in security, networking, web applications and mostly Linux and *BSD operating systems. He also worked with many different companies in security, telco, banking and overall IT business. He is currently on a CTO position in the Internet Group company, the part of Comtrade Group.


Aleksandar Savković – Hello WordPress


Delivering Happiness at Devana Technologies >>> ManageWP // #WCEU Volunteer #WCBGD Co-Organizer // Formula 1 and MotoGP Freak // WordPress Enthusiast. Lecturer at Best 2015 “ Web Development Using WordPress”, speaker at Customer Happiness and WordPress Meetups. WordPress Training and Polyglots Team member.


Ivana Ćirković – WordPress 101 – from my point of view


Ivana Ćirković is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over 8 years experience in the field. Owner of online magazine for women and has it’s own Digital Marketing agency called