#WCBGD Points of interest

Belgrade is beautiful, no question about it, but if you are a first-timer around here we figured that #WCBGD POI map will be needed 🙂

#WCBGD Venue

Singidunum University,
Kumodraška 261a, 11000 Belgrade

#WCBGD After-party

We will have after party at Caffe Time, Nušićeva 6, starting at 8 PM, June the 4th. Please bring your badge!

#WCBGD Contributor day

For all of you, willing to contribute back to WordPress, attend excellent Workshops led by Luca Sartoni, Marko Heijnen, Mario Peshev. Bring your laptops, your chargers, and your badge and join us at Devana Technologies, Trg Republike 5.