Ivana Ćirković

Ivana Ćirković is a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over 8 years experience in the field. Owner of OrganVlasti.com online magazine for women and has it’s own Digital Marketing agency called KickStart.rs.

Twitter: @OrganVlasti

Aleksandar Savković

Delivering Happiness at Devana Technologies >>> ManageWP // #WCEU Volunteer #WCBGD Co-Organizer // Formula 1 and MotoGP Freak // WordPress Enthusiast. Lecturer at Best 2015 “ Web Development Using WordPress”, speaker at Customer Happiness and WordPress Meetups. WordPress Training and Polyglots Team member.

Twitter: @WPAleks

Milos Marceta

Milos is an old school guy who showed passion for computers and programming since age of 6. After years of experience with many different programming languages and concepts (from x86, SPARC and Alpha assembly, Linux kernel module programming, ELF reverse engineering, C to web and bytecode languages) he got experience in security, networking, web applications and mostly Linux and *BSD operating systems. He also worked with many different companies in security, telco, banking and overall IT business. He is currently on a CTO position in the Internet Group company, the part of Comtrade Group.

Twitter: @marcetam

Marko Heijnen

Marko is a long term WordPress contributor from the Netherlands. He uses WordPress since 2006 and started contributing back to it in 2009. For more then two years he was the lead developer of GlotPress. After years of freelancing he now works for Plesk and has it’s own agency called CodeKitchen B.V.

Twitter: @MarkoHeijnen

Bojan Petrović

Co-founder and WordPress developer at Meks, crafting premium WordPress themes for thousands of users worldwide. 

He has been involved in the business since 2009. Creating themes, plugins and services on top of WordPress, continuously aiming to choose best approaches and work smarter, not harder. 

Twitter: @mekshq

Nemanja Aleksic

Growth Engineer at Devana Technologies & ManageWP. Started messing with computers back when dinosaurs roamed the land and ZX Spectrum was the shit. Curious and stubborn. Father and husband, and loving every second of it.

Twitter: @kouteki_

Maja Žikić

Pisac i profesionalni bloger. Entuzijasta po pitanju kreiranja sadržaja, ali i njegovog strateškog planiranja. Dugogodišnji zaljubljenik u WordPress.

Twitter: @MajaZikic

Petar Atanasovski

I am leading the Customer Happiness Team at ManageWP (Devana Technologies). Former president of AIESEC in Serbia, love water polo, playing guitar and exploring new business trends. When I am not working on Customer Experience, I enjoy developing people, creating new products and making the world a better place.

Twitter: @AtanasovskiP

Nevena Tomovic

I am a Growth Engineer at Devana Technologies and ManageWP. My main focus is on producing quality SEO content, and driving traffic to our sites. I come from a multilingual background, and my education was centered on Languages (German and Italian), as well as communication. I like communicating through writing and speaking.

Twitter: @NNotsoclueless

Ivelina Dimova-Gancheva

Web developer with passion for WordPress, currently working at Crowd Favorite where we develop web solutions for big enterprise companies. I enjoy learning new stuff and playing with different automation scripts to fasten the development process. I like to spend my spare time doing yoga, photography, hiking and swimming.

Twitter: @iv_wp

Mason James

Mason James is the Founder & CEO of Valet and wearer of a great many hats, including overseeing business development and fostering agency and team growth.

He started Valet, originally known as the WP Valet, in 2011 as the original WordPress support company, because he couldn’t find high-end help for clients who needed it. Since no one was offering the caliber of support he envisioned, he decided it was time to hang his sign out—becoming a trailblazer in the digital realm.

Mason built the company to provide top-tier holistic support & strategy, and customers kept coming back. Since 2012, its employed a vast array of services, ranging from digital strategy, migrations, maintenance and support to custom design and development. The 18 team members at Valet work tirelessly to truly know and care about every client—and offer recommendations for their success based on intimate understanding of their needs, goals, and strategic vision…truly working as digital partners.

Twitter: @masonjames

Davor Altman

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, trying to make the web a better place every day. Also a Customer Support addict and chess fanatic. Host of Customer Happiness meetups in Serbia.

Before Automattic, worked as a Head of Customer Happiness team at ManageWP. Found his home at Automattic where he can combine his two greatest passions – WordPress and Customer Support.

Twitter: @izuvach

Ivan Bjelajac

Currently COO at Devana Technologies and ManageWP, former DevOps Engineer and a Startup addict with 2 exits behind him. Part of WordPress world since 2009.

Twitter: @ivanbjelajac

Luca Sartoni

Luca Sartoni is a media professional with more than a decade of technical and marketing expertise. Thanks to his extensive experience in business environments ranging from SMEs to large corporate projects, Luca helps companies scale up by implementing data-driven strategies. He does not believe in Santa Claus, magic spells and everything not backed by facts. Luca is a Growthketeer at Automattic.

Twitter: @lucasartoni

Emanuel Blagonic

Emanuel has more than 13 years of experience and 500+ different projects with worldwide clients on his back. From designing websites to designing touch–screen applications, he worked with small and big clients, startups and global projects. Although primarily a designer, he’s been in love with WordPress for the past 10 years, being one of the biggest promoters in Croatia – writing articles about WordPress that are not only promoting WordPress but open source as well. He helped organize WordCamp Croatia and organizes WordPress Meetup Zagreb with his brother Lucijan.

As one of the pioneers of the web standards movement in Croatia, he is active in the community where he works on building a better understanding of design process and educates clients as much as possible.

Twitter: @eblagonic

Sibin Grasic

I’m a two-time WordCamp speaker and a WordPress developer with over 600 completed projects and 6 years of experience.

Twitter: @ETFovac